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Danuba, Intuitive Counselling 

I will show you how to overcome fear, anger, doubt...


Dear visitor

Do you wish for a happier life?

Do you want to implement whatever it is you were sent here for?

Do you dare to discover the gifts and potentials hiding deep within you?

Let your soul dance for joy and let your body follow.

Allow yourself to obtain everything your heart desires.

Sometimes we want a certain thing so much we already see ourselves in possession of it, however nothing moves in the right direction. We yearn, while our heart is smiling, but...we don't understand. What is happening? Obviously somewhere in our subconscious there are hidden fears bigger than our desires.

How to conquer such fears and get back up again?

You probably receive daily invitations and offers for such and such workshops, therapies, healthy diets?.I believe anyone can get a bit confused when adventuring on the path of self-exploration. There is so much information on the market it is hard to know what is best and what actually works. Everybody is claiming his offer is the best. But, is that really true? We should be sceptical about it and above all trust our own feelings concerning the matter. What suits others is not necessarily right for us. We should realize that each body is different, therefore we need to listen to ourselves. There is no other guidance than your feelings that are your only true indicator. With this awareness you will have an easier task of choosing the right path for yourself.

Don't burden yourself with the past and with everything holding you down. Focus on what is most important, the true spark deep within you. What is it saying to you? The fastest healing happens only when you are aware of this great truth. It doesn't get any better than this! Just think of everything else that is possible!

Listen to yourself and you won't get lost. And listen to yourself because nobody else but yourself knows at what stage of your path you are and what is right for you to experience. Remember, there are only experiences and experiencing. There is no right or wrong.

You probably already heard about the matrix. I prefer to imagine it as a net containing everything. There are many kinds of matrix (nets), containing certain information. People accepted these information and act accordingly. We all live in the given framework. In which matrix (net) do you live? Have you ever asked yourself, what if there is something else, different, some other way of thinking,another aspect, another view?? Is all of this possible? In the matrix, we find ourselves at the present, weare familiar with emotions, consciousness and the unconscious?What if there was none of that a long time ago? What if there was only consciousness?

Allow me to help you on the path of rediscovering your self-consciousness!

Why am I doing what I am doing? Because I believe and know that everything other than love is an illusion. Because I believe that we can be happy and that we have the right to be happy. Because we have it all and we need to unload all the burdens, all the backpacks we carry with us for millennia.

I know everything is as it is best for everyone in this particular moment. I know everything is been taking care of. And I know that there is a way out of all the drama.

What new things can you learn by joining me? What new miracles await us along the way?

You will definitely feel changes in your life, changes for the better. You will take the whole responsibility for your life into your own hands. You will equip yourselves with everything necessary for a happy and joyful existence. No more excuses! This will be an experience you should not miss.

I will share with you all my knowledge and experiences obtained throughout my life, gathered by surviving some rather bitter and sad moments.

Among other we will train our intuition, usually manifested as clairvoyance, clairaudience, astute perceptiveness, and clear knowledge. With certain exercises and by using different cards we will master ourselves in connecting with our guides, our superegos, our maker?and our self-trust.

What will you gain by joining me?

Trust in your intuition

Comprehensive solutions for losing weight

Improvement of self image

Success in your profession

Good connection with your guidance

The answer to the eternal question: Why doesn?t the money come to me and why does it go away too quickly?

In addition, you will learn ways to clean up all negative patterns, discovered on our common path

You will learn how to choose a new vibration that will support you and how to perform intuitive readings

You will gain plenty of information on how to move forward in your life

You will be able to find directions for your loved ones

Last but not least: You will reward yourselves with a big gift.

You are the most important to us therefore we offer you the possibility of intuitive counselling, via skype, telephone and e-mail.


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Contact me

Barbara Pust

Mrakova 58, Idrija

Tel.št. 031 356 644

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: barbara.pust

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