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Danuba, Intuitive Counselling 

I will show you how to overcome fear, anger, doubt...

Remote Energetic Space Cleansing 

How can the remote energetic space clearing change your business, your home and your life?

Have you ever entered a room where you felt great? And then again, maybe you felt heavy and tired in the same room at a different time? You may have noticed how the feeling in the room changes when someone is arguing? Have you noticed how uncomfortable and difficult you felt then?

Each room has its own energy. Your home does not consist only of material things, but rather the 'empty' space is filled with endless stream of energy. When you enter a space where you feel easy and comfortable or uncomfortable and heavy, you actually feel the energy of a space. Sometimes the energy in a home or business premises is stagnant. In this case, you may feel tired or angry or become restless.

The good news is that you can take back the control over your space both at home and in your business. You can try the Danuba energetic space cleansing.

It can change your life in a powerful and at the same time simple way.

When you use a clean and honest purpose, as well as the love of your heart, the following may happen:

  • the energy in your space and your body is re-balanced
  • the intuition increases
  • certain heavy patterns regarding lack of abundance and the inflow of finances are removed
  • your creative potential is opened up
  • you experience greater joy in your life
  • your health and well-being is strengthened
  • you become calm
  • relations improve

The remote energetic space cleansing is not only about the cleansing and moving of energy but rather about the way you can open yourself to more abundance, miracles and blessings that are waiting to enter into your life.

When can you use the remote energetic space cleansing ?

  • after a fight
  • after illness
  • after the death of a certain person, animal
  • when moving to a new apartment
  • after divorce
  • after the birth of a child or grandchild
  • if you are spending a lot of time in a given room
  • in the new business premises
  • even if you are already conducting business for a long time
  • if you are selling a room
  • if you have an office in your home
  • recommended in nursing homes and hospitals
  • if you do not feel comfortable in the room anymore
  • if you feel that you are not alone in the room

Please note that every person leaves its mark on the energy in your home or office, institution, salon ... Workers who have worked in the building where you are, all of the previous owners, all former residents, all of the emotions are still there, all the deceased, everyone who produced material for your home, all vendors, carriers, and also all those who were present on the territory, where now your home or office stands. Perhaps there was a cemetery of humans or animals (horses, which have carried heavy loads ....) The room should become only yours, it should support you, calm you down, relax you, or help your business to success. It is therefore advisable to transform these energies.

An increasing number of companies finds that the cleansing of space at a distance increases the well-being of employees, as well as sales.

Even in your home you will again feel the infinite peace which will fill the space.


One bedroom apartment or studio ..... 100.00 eur
Apartment of up to 120 m2 ..... 150.00 eur
House ..... 250.00 eur
Commercial space ... up to 150 m2 .... 250,00 eur

VAT is not charged, in accordance with the first paragraph of Article 94 of the VAT Act.
All prices are in euro.
Prices are valid from 1th of July 2015.

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