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Danuba, Intuitive Counselling 

I will show you how to overcome fear, anger, doubt...

YaNCIS Therapy

YaNCIS, new method of cosmic reintegration

The Yancis counselling method is intended:

- for projects (how to progress from the idea to its realization): business projects, independent business path (yes or no?), energy arrangement of meetings, lectures, presentations, how to get a new job, how to escape from stagnation ...

- to restore your well being (health)

The word YaNCIS means transformation. It's a method of transformation of energy-without-life into energy-for-life. Each disease on whatever level is a state of lifeless-energy. The same goes for ideas, projects, relationships...

This method enables the transformation of lifeless-energy into energy-full of-life, thus enabling a living being a chance of healing, a project to come to life, an idea to unfold...

Therapist doesn't work on a person, project, idea..., but rather on the energies that sustain them. In short, it operates by transforming energy of a being, idea, project with the help of light codes..., while simultaneously transforming their complementary energy from lifeless-energy to energy-full of-life. Organ, body, emotion, thought... therefore regain fuel necessary to restore itself according to its own original program.

In short: The mind is a computer, which operates our entire body. There is a program for every single thing in our entity, as well as for ideas and projects that we wish to carry out. Sometimes a program malfunction or a system fault occurs. In this case Hatmara corrects the disturbance and the system is revived, the organ is healed and the health is 100% again.

Well, my enthusiasm is overwhelming, as finally I possess a tool with outstanding results. I have tried the method on myself and succeeded to eliminate chronic pains in my back, the result of childhood injury. I witnessed the healing of various forms of virosis and pains from a dislocated spinal disc, furthermore it also helps to lose weight... You are invited to try the method by yourself. It is suitable for all age groups and every field of life. Counselling and therapy last up to 2 hours. According to my experience up to 3 therapies are needed, only in special cases more therapies are required. Therapy is touch-free and can be conducted at a distance or by Skype.

I am looking forward to any feedback from you!

Counselling and all the methods described on this website are not intended or understood as a substitute to medical help and services, psychological or any other consulting carried out by a doctor, psychiatrist or licenced medical adviser. The purpose of meetings and seminars is not to diagnose or replace medical, psychological or consulting treatments and therapies.

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Contribution for one therapy is 80 eur, payable via paypal on my e-mail address: [email protected] 

Please feel free to use the same address for orders. Please send a brief description of your problem to my e-mail adress. As soon as possible I will let you now about the proposed schedule of therapy that will take place on Skype.


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